How to: Pack for a Destination Wedding

Dancing till the late hours, sipping Pina Coladas, and hash tagging #destinationwedding, is the new mini vacay excuse. A dream wedding in a foreign land is the perfect opportunity to catch up with old friends, top up on that tan and witness a couple making some serious promises to each other.

The run up to the travels often means pondering for hours about what to pack and sharing your Lengha looks in the girls Whatsapp group. Trust me, we’ve all been there! To make your packing strategy as seamless as possible, I’ve listed a few easy tips to help.

  1. Mix and match. If it’s an Indian wedding, you’ll have a number of events for which you’ll need different outfits. A great way to maintain a light bag is by using the same blouse for a Lengha and Saree. You can even swap scarves and jewellery to transform your look. A little creativity goes a long way.
  2. Jewellery essentials. Always carry silver and gold earnings and bangles. They look classy and go with practically everything.
  3. Avoid multiple shawls. If you’re like me and have a shawl for every single outfit, stop now! Refrain from taking shawl bulks in your suitcase. Chances are you won’t need them and they occupy a lot of space.
  4. The Saree Bikini. If you like a risk, than why not match a plain colourful Saree to a bikini top as a blouse? Plain Sarees don’t cost much (around £15), so if your bag is overweight with souvenirs you can always part ways with a Saree. Worst case scenario. They’re also ideal for pool parties and you won’t feel bad about getting them wet.


destintion 2destination 1


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