The time I was a helpless mess: My Pithi

Happy Tuesday All!

If you’re new to my blog then welcome. I like to share all things, fashion, lifestyle, travel and parts of my wedding for a little desi inspiration.

So, in no chronological order I’m kicking things off with my Pithi/ Haldi. Perhaps the most animated you’ll ever see me but definitely worth the mess!

Pithi is made of turmeric (a medicinal spice found in India) combined with oils, milk and gram flour. The event usually takes place the day before the wedding itself with an aim to pamper and exfoliate both the bride and groom at their respective homes. The Gujarati ceremony is conducted with friends and family after the Mandvho (wedding prayers) and if you’re a fun bunch, it can get pretty messy!

P.s. all photos taken by


This is the Pithi. This is my own recipe which I use once a week. Made up of Organic Turmeric Powder, Coconut Oil, Gram flour and milk. I prepared this in the morning before I got ready.


Mendhi by the talented @hennabyaartisoni. My Saree was a plain piece of yellow fabric. I knew it was going to get ruined so a pre warning was well in place.


One last smile before the face was smothered in yellow. Hair and makeup by


My Mum took the honour of leading of course.


And here goes…



My guests weren’t let off either!


Bestie at her best!


My brother’s long awaited moment.


Another brother.


And another. Yes I ended up eating it too.


Dripping in yellow.


The End!

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