SANGEET: I took him to the Ball.

Hi guys,

Rummaging through Pinterest and Instagram was a skill I mastered as an ambitious bride of 2017.

Fascinated and inspired by the pretty colours and finite details of what went into a wedding triggered my imaginative side and set me up for a list of never ending ‘to do’s’.

The very first event was my Sangeet. I say ‘my’, because it was hosted by my parents in Leicester (my hometown). My parents managed the majority of this event and to put it out there; my mum during her Sangeet had to borrow her friend’s outfit because of the circumstances at the time. This was a huge deal for them and I wanted my parents to enjoy this event and live their dream too.

I wanted a surprising entrance and what better way to enter than to drive a Vespa in a heavy Lengha with the weight of a man behind me and 250 people watching? As nervous as I was, I think my fiancé and brothers were terrified by the thought that this disaster would end up on LAD bible as a, ‘funny bride crashes Vespa at wedding’, video.

I was confident I could do it and I did! (See below for the full video put together by


For entertainment, we booked the Socharo dance school to choreograph our 17 minute family dance medley. I would have done the choreography myself but travelling between Leicester and London and scheduling is a nightmare in itself! I couldn’t have recommended them more! The girls were so cooperative, easy to work with and responsive to the feedback.

All in all, the night was amazing full of Garba and Dandia as we Guju’s do!



I drove my groom to the Sangeet night in style of course!


Had to practise before though. He was terrified so I asked him to wear his shades.


My parents x



Outfits from Ladlee.



Outfits from Ladlee.


If you love Bollywood, you’ll know the song.


Thank you to Socharo Dance school in Leicester for choreographing a 17 min dance! That was no easy task and the girls were amazing.


Little gifts for our guests.


Sanero time. A traditional Gujarati folk dance.


The grand finale pose.

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