Cannes. A Town not to be missed.

A Long Weekend in Cannes…

Hey Guys,

My husband and I recently spent a long weekend in Cannes (France), for our first wedding anniversary. We wanted to stay close to London as our final summer weeks were occupied with work trips and a handful of weddings. A long weekend along the French Riviera accompanied by the local white wine and French cuisine seemed most inviting amongst our shortlist of preferred European destinations. I have listed my recommendations on transport, food and things to do. I hope you find this useful and are inspired to visit the beautiful town .


We flew from London Stansted Airport to Nice Côte d’Azur International Airport. The flight timings were ideal as we left bright and early in the morning and late on our return. Remember Terminal 1 upon arrival to Nice, it’s were you’ll find the buses to Cannes as well as Taxis to the train station. You can also walk to the train station if you aren’t taking much luggage. The trains depart to Cannes every thirty minutes and will cost no more than €8-15.00.

We hired a ‘Segway scooter’, for €30.00 per person, per day. It was so much fun and I would highly recommend it. You will find reliable rentals and tours at Yourent Cannes.



Disclaimer: I am Vegan when at home in the UK, but I choose to eat dairy and eggs abroad as it’s much easier and because I deserve it.

Ok, that said, I indulged in Macaroons all day, everyday. This was my first trip abroad post switching to a Vegan diet. I was nervous about reacting badly to dairy but to my surprise I was fine. ‘More parmesan please’, she said.

Cannes is rich in cafes and restaurants and to my surprise not all, were super pricey. You’ll find the more casual restaurants towards the Radisson Hotel and they get pricier as you walk along. We had a good balance between the two.

Le 360° Rooftop Bar and Restaurant is a great place for a romantic lunch. You’ll see a full 360° of the Cannes Riviera as seen below.

The Carlton Restaurant, is not to be missed. The InterContinental Carlton is one of the most spectacular and well known luxury hotels in the town. My husband made a reservation for our anniversary meal along with a bottle of Moët to celebrate.


Le 360° Rooftop Bar and Restaurant






The Old Town of Cannes, is located along the strip. It’s a fifteen minute walk from the main row of hotels and can be accessed by the Segway. A combination, of cobbled streets and narrow alley ways, represent the Roman Era which dominated the town for many centuries.









If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I like to take the occasional style shot here and there when abroad. It really wasn’t a challenge to pause and snap away here. The Riviera is a blue metropolis paired with the frequent accents of white and beige which I fell in love with.


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